Hour of Prayer Challenge – 7:00 PM on Thursday Nights

We at JBC  challenge all our  Church Members and Members of the Christs Family to take one hour out of your evening  Talk to God.

It’s Just once a week!  Now hard can that be.

It’s easy no travel required.  Just set your alarm, make an appointment with God on your phone, or however you remind your self.

and at 7 PM STOP and say a Prayer.

It doe not have to be fancy or eloquent ,   All it needs to be is from your Heart.

Our Prayer Warrior’s will be joining you from their homes for this Hour of Prayer and Meditation as we talk with God.  Calling on him in his Glory to guide and Direct us in our daily walk.

Have a concern, need, or Praise to Raise, please share it with our Prayer warriors on the Form below.

Want to come to know Christ and bask in the knowledge that you are loved and will live with him  FOREVER!  e-mail us at [email protected]   Our Pastor would love to talk with you.

Open Prayer Request Form HERE