Appointed Members

The Individuals listed below have accepted the responsibility to be in Prayer and seek out the Pastor the Lord is preparing to lead Jeffersonton Baptist church Foward.

Kevin Munger - Co Chair

Lory Payne - Co Chair

Joyce Beler-Helem - Secetary

Randy Sheads - Deacon

Rey McDannel - Deacon

Stefanir Groot - Member at large

James Swope - Member at large

Our Meetings

The Committee Meetings are closed to Committee members only as infromation and discussions in this process must remain confidential.  Our link to the General body will be through one spoke person and such information as agreed to be posted on this webpage.

We will keep you informed of our prgress, and appreciate all your prayers.

Meeting 1 - 5/17/2021 - Organizational to discuss basic postions, manner of doing business, and outreach to the Church membership for imput on our vision and goals.