Pastor Willis Carlin Dempsey

Pastor Dempsey joins us on February 23, 2020 and will be with us for a year as our Transitional Intentional Interim Pastor. He will serve as our Pastor for all matters and Guide the Lords Church as we move forward in the selection of a new Pastor over the next year.


Education :  Dr. Dempsey has been in the ministry for 48 years. He graduated from Washington Bible College, his Master of Religious Education from George Wythe University and his Doctor of Divinity in Religious Education from Coral Ridge Baptist University. Ordination in 1979 Anchorage Baptist Temple, Anchorage Alaska.

Experience: Dr. Dempsey following college graduation was called to serve on staff at Thomas Road Baptist in Lynchburg, Va. under the late Jerry Falwell.  Dr. Dempsey served 15 years on staff at Anchorage Baptist Temple under Dr. Jerry Prevo. During his time in Alaska the chuch received recognition by Dr. Elmer Tows as “one of the fastest growing churches in America”

Dr. Dempsey has used sports as a tool to teach and reach young people in Alaska., Virginia as well as Wisconsin.  Dr. Dempsey while coaching football at a Christian school in Fairfax had three state championships and participated in the National Championship game in 1983.

In 1990 Dr. Dempsey entered the role of Senior Pastor in Virginia and in 1995 King’s Highway Baptist Church called him as pastor where he served for 22 years. Having a passion for reaching people Dr. Dempsey led Kings Highway Baptist Church to establish the Kings Kid Day Care and South Stafford Christian School.  IN 2017 Dr. Dempsey stepped down form the position as Senior Pastor and entered into semi-retirement as  a church consultant and supply preaching.

We are blessed to have and welcome Dr. Dempsey and his family to the JBC Family