Visitation Tuesday Night – 6:45 PM

All members are encouraged to join in and meet at the church at 6:45 for prayer and directions for visitation.

we depart at 7:00 PM and arrive back between 8:and 9 depending on the visit.

What is visitation. – A critical part of our fellowship and outreach; Church members gather and team up to go out and call on those that are Shut in, drifting away from the fellowship and residents of our community as directed by the Holy Spirit.  No one goes alone, and on the visit we talk about the individual and see how we (the church) can be part of their support circle.

Try it out one evening.  You will find it fun and rewarding.

There is no requirement to commit to attending every week, Just when you can.

Can’t make it this week check the calendar for our next outing.