January is Call to Prayer Month

First Pray for Yourself and Family

Ask the Lord to make you a willing volunteer to tell others about Jesus. Create a prayer list of your family members, praying for them daily.

Ask members of your congregation to write down names of unchurched and lost family members on a note card and bring them to the front of the worship center and place them before the Lord. As they bow in prayer, have a church member pray for the salvation of these family members.

Then:  Print the names and dates of the church’s planned evangelistic emphases for the next six months—things like VBS, revival services, or special music programs. Lead the church to pray for these planned events by name during the pastoral prayer time on Sunday morning. Pray also for the continued health and unity of the church.  Pray by name for the church’s ministry teams and committees, encouraging volunteers to use their ministry opportunities to expand the Kingdom.


Experience the Blessing of Prayer