August 16-19th, Y’all Come, Time To Be Revived

Mark your Calendars and plan to attend

we will have some great Good Gospel Preaching:

Hand Clapping -Toe Tapping  Music


 Great Fellowship, Worshiping our Lord.


Sunday:   August 16th,      11 AM     Pastor Dempsey

 6 PM     Pastor Daryl Harbin

& music by:                                 

The Zion Baptist    Church Choir

Monday:  August 17th –      7 PM Pastor Daryl Harbin and music by “ZION SONG”‘

Tuesday : August 18th –     7 PM Pastor Daryl Harbin & music by “The Siler Family”

Wednesday: August 19th- 7 PM  Pastor Daryl Harbin & music by:

                                                                  “The Siler Family”

Make Plans to Attend Each Service