Cemetery Clean UP – March 20, 2021 Getting ready for Easter!

Looking for volunteers, Come on out March 20th @ 10 AM

 Help clean up the cemetery, it won’t take long with helpers.

We will be removing all the old wreaths, ground mounted artificial flowers, planters, and anything else in the grass.


All glass, breakable items and artificial flowers located on the ground will be removed.  If you failed to pick up any items off the ground before March 20th, They will been removed.

Effective March 20th – October 1,st. No artificial flowers are permitted on the ground.  They will be removed to allow mowing .

Our goal is to keep a safe and well manicured graveyard for all.

Artificial flowers placed securely on a head stone are permitted. It is recommended that you write the name of the loved one on the underside of the holder. This will allow replacement on the correct stone.  Arrangements that are blown off and cannot be identified as to where they belong will be put in the trash.

We are moving forward with the extension of the drive. 

Family Members and/or Friends of the Cemetery may wish to help with the financial burden of mowing 

Please make a tax deductible contribution to the cemetery fund.  Make checks payable to: JBC, and place in the memo line cemetery. It will be greatly appreciated.