Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

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  • Sunday | April 2, 2017 to Sunday | April 30, 2017
  • All Day

A Plentiful Harvest- North America Mission – A vast Missions Field

It’s no secret the mission field of the United States and Canada holds many challenges. Seventy to 75 percent of Southern Baptist churches in America are plateaued or declining. On average, 17 Southern Baptist churches shut their doors for good every Sunday, leaving undeserved and unreached neighborhoods in cities across North America.

Yet, light shines brightest in the dart. Let’s not forget that North America has experienced days of spiritual darkness before. During these barren times, great awakenings and revivals have advanced Jesus’ Kingdom in exponential ways. It’s not surprising that the greatest spiritual breakthrough in our land have started with prayer, In prayer, we invite God in and give Him the reins. In prayer, we let King Jesus take over, This Month, let’s turn to the one Who reigns on high and rules all there is – seen and unseen

Our Mission across North America stay Christ-centered and Spirit -led in their efforts

(Rom 15:18-19)

God sends an abundance of laborers to reach millions of North Americans living in darkness (Luke 10:2)

You and your church will be on the mission for Christ in your neighborhood

(2 Cor. 5-14-15)

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