Worshiping our Lord together in his house is a Blessing we invite everyone to experience weekly.  We provide on line sermons for those that cannot make it to the Lord’s House on Sunday.  These services and maintaining the facilities are funded through three funds.  Your may click on any fund and you will be redirected to a donation screen.


1. General Fund –

2. Building Fund –

♦  Debt Retirement

♦  General Maintenance and mowing

     3. Historic Preservation – Front and Side door Restoration

Our Church building has stood on this hill since 1848 destroyed by fire it was rebuilt within the same walls in 1878. To maintain this building we had to refinish the front doors.  This fund is designated to retire that debt of $9,000, and once this is retired efforts may be made on repairing the interior plaster.

     4. Benevolent Fund –

♦  General support

♦  Designated for a specific family

     5. Missions

♦  WMU

Annie Armstrong

Lottie Moon

♦  Youth

♦  Outreach Missions